We have been growing and installing QUALITY Sod
in Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey at competitive prices for over 25 years. 


Our Team Of Turf Professionals:

Our sod is grown by professionals with years of experience in the green industry. Our staff consists lifelong sod farmers who have dedicated themselves to putting plant health and agronomy first to consistently produce a strong healthy product.

Sod Is Available For:

  • Residential Lawns

  • Golf Courses

  • Sports Fields

  • Landscaping

  • Construction

  • Commercial

  • & More

We Grow Two Types Of Sod:

Turf Type Tall Fescue

Kentucky Bluegrass (Available by special request only)

(Available by special request only)

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Dark green/blue color, fine leaf texture, grows quickly and can be mowed at a variety of heights

  • RECOMMENDED USAGE: Can be used for residential and commercial lawns. Most often used for sports fields and other high traffic lawns.

  • WEATHER TOLERANCE: Does wellin cool weather. It will tolerate heat if properly watered and cared for during the year.

  • DROUGHT RESISTANCE: It will go dormant when there is a drought. As soon as moisture is provided it will regain color and come out of dormancy.

  • SHADE ADAPTATION: Does best in sunny areas.

  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Will with stand traffic and regrow quickly.

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Light to dark green color, coarse to medium texture, grows with moderate density, the root system is more extensive and reaches deep into soil making it great for drought areas. Can be mowed between the height of 2 to 4 inches.

  • RECOMMENDED USAGE: Residential and commercial landscapes, roadsides, parks, construction areas, and sports fields.

  • TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE: Does well in variety of climates. It is heat tolerant and will tolerate cold.

  • DROUGHT RESISTANCE: It will do very well in droughts (because of its root system). If land is too dry it will go dormant until moisture is reintroduced to the land.

  • SHADE ADAPTATION: Does well in sunny areas and can tolerate some shade.

  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Will withstand traffic well and recover quickly.

Ordering Information

  • We Provide Consultations, Delivery & Installations

    • ANYTIME OF YEAR, we will provide you with ANY amount of sod you need in ANY location you need it. Our SEVERAL locations allow us to be ANYWHERE you need us to deliver & install
      *We currently grow sod in Fountainville (PA) and Jersey Shore (PA), allowing us to be more available to where you need us.

    • Please place an order at least 24 hours in advance: Contact Us

  • Pick Up ANY Amount Of Sod At Our Locations

    • ANYTIME OF YEAR, we will be able to have ANY amount of sod ready for you to pick up at either
      of our locations.

    • Please place an order at least 24
      hours in advance: Contact Us


We Are A Proud Member Of Turfgrass Producers International